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The function you selected needs to store a small file on your computer to work correctly. It is perfectly safe for you to allow the Helpful Holidays web site to do this. The file is known as a "Cookie" and is of a type used by a great many web sites (including the BBC, Amazon and It appears that either your computer does not automatically accept "Cookies" or you have decided to reject "Cookies" from our site. If you would like to use all the features of our website your computer will need to accept "Cookies". Please see below for information about why and how we use "Cookies". If you need help changing your computer settings, please email us or phone 01647 433593.

Why and how we use Cookies

We use "Cookies" to personalise your browsing experience and to make our site as user friendly as possible. A "Cookie" is a small file which is temporarily stored on your computer. It does no harm to your machine and when you exit the site the "Cookie" is either removed or stored safely on your hard drive. It will be activated again the next time you visit the site.

Specifically, we use Cookies for...
  • storing information such as recently viewed property references so that they are available as a list the next time you visit us.
  • keeping track of your shortlisted properties and automatically displaying them whenever you visit our site.
  • remembering your search criteria so that you do not have to keep re-entering this information every time you search our database of property information.
  • streamlining our online booking process so that information you enter on our booking forms does not have to be re-entered if you want to book more than one property in a single session.
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