Holiday cottages in Offwell

Offwell: small village (PO/shop, 15th cent. church, woodland with own wildlife trust) amid beautiful hills and valleys, 3 miles east of Honiton. Surrounded by pretty hamlets (Widworthy, Cotleigh, 2 miles); 8 miles to the sea at Seaton and Branscombe; Sidmouth (seaside town) and Lyme Regis with its fossil cliffs, about 12. Golf, 3 miles.

Sorry, but we don't have any holiday cottages in Offwell at the moment.

Here are some nearby villages and towns where we have properties...
Place Properties (sleeping capacity in brackets)
Wilmington (2.1 km) G30 (2)  G31 (4) 
Honiton (2.8 km) G196 (4)  G198 (5)  G55 (2)  G56 (6)  G77 (4)  G78 (4) 
Farway (4.4 km) G113 (6)  G200 (2)  G25 (11) 
Combe Raleigh (4.5 km) G51 (16) 
Dalwood (5.5 km) G155 (5)  G199 (2)  G92 (8)